Unite Students

Unite Students

Client: Unite Students

Categories: branding / design / Illustration / motion graphics / Print / UX and web

In my time at Unite Students I have been responsible for a great deal of graphic and digital design work for use across 24 cities in the UK, including:

  • Print and digital campaign-based work including brochures, posters, websites and apps
  • Design and build of multiple presentations for internal use and for investors
  • Animation for advertising, designs for plasma screens in all properties
  • Training and interviewing
  • Organising and directing photography shoots (read my guide)
  • UX, user testing and research
  • Design, build and copy direction for email newsletters

In addition I have been instrumental in picking the Unite Students Digital Asset Management System (DAMS) and organising the taxonomy, branding, stakeholder conversations, user permissions and data collection across the company to get this launched (read the case study here). I have worked with many different stakeholders and departments across the business and often with marketing, web developers and the communications team.

Please scroll down to see a more detailed breakdown of my role.

For-print Unite Posters. I have produced many, from campaign posters to instructional pieces inc. laundry machine labels and safety notes.

Unite Students colour palette

Us welcome plasma screenUnite Students character designs

Left: uS welcome plasma screen I designed and created for use at head office and in properties.Right: Various character designs I created for use in campaigns and animations.


“The Leap”, a landing page I created to launch a report detailing the thoughts of new students and what they did and didn’t know about life after flying the nest.


Campaign/design work:

  • Support on the “London Student Experience” including the design of the logo
  • Concept and design of vector illustrations for use company-wide
  • Display advertising design concepts and animation build
  • Seasonal campaign work support for numerous campaigns
  • Design for 4K monitors and plasma screens
  • Bringing email newsletters in-house, designing and building standardised templates


Posters, logos, designs and presentations

Posters, logos, designs and presentations (using Prezi, etc). Photo taken in-property with my DSLR.



  • Being a key brand guardian with the knowledge to help train other parts of the business
  • Advocating, pushing and helping to choose a Digital Asset Management System to help maximise the productivity of the company and provide a central reference point for consistent brand guidelines- previously files and photo duplicates had been kept on multiple drives and branding rules were occasionally flouted


Vectors created for a training video and reused in posters and across other materials


Digital / UX:

  • UX design and development work including the customer-facing accommodation website’s transactional booking flow
  • A mobile first approach to design
  • Assembling user testing scripts and scenarios to prove my designs work
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS
  • Design and testing of UI devices including iconography and functionality
  • Creation and continual involvement in ticketed work for sprints
  • Experience working within an Agile project development process
  • Extensive UX redesign work for customer website with multiple view-states
  • Full redesign of online laundry room viewing facilities
  • Attended several UX and software training courses in London with Webcredible


App redesign

An app redesign. I have produced many flow diagrams to illustrate transitions between pages and how they link


Motion graphics and animation:

  • Animation and motion graphics including storyboarding, design and production in After Effects for Internal and external audiences


Research and in-person interviews:

  • Frequent use of Usertesting.com to test design and functionality with a wide student (and parent) audience
  • Testing in-property with students – designs, apps and card sorting exercising
  • Student video interviews



  • Interviewed for roles including junior designer and Social media executive
  • Training including Coursera’s Interaction Design, Webcredible Axure training, Lean UX training, UX fundamentals


Mac in student room

Produced photography used company-wide in presentations. Photo taken in-property with my DSLR.


Photography and video:

  • I organised and managed the first large-scale Unite Students photography shoot, working with an agency to provide photography and video work. I collated a list of prefered photographers, created a brief, chose the best response as a basis for who to work with and controlled the budget. I helped organise stakeholders, models, students, provide shot guidance, themes angles and helped dress the space
  • I helped organise city shoots up and down the country to fill the blanks for properties and rooms we’d previously not had access to. I recorded and deligated using our Jira ticketing system.
  • I also helped advise and dress rooms for a 360 degree walkthrough of properties and I
    have since acted as a consultant to help set up shots and source models on further shoots outside of our
    team, including a seasonal shoot to promote Unite Students over the winter months and a shoot to promote the great job our staff do in assisting students (reception staff, cleaners, maintenance, etc)
  • The shots have since been used in promotional materials, websites and reports company-wide