Sisters Noire

Sisters Noire

Client: Sisters Noire

Categories: branding / design / Illustration

Jack Knife's Doodle London

Sisters Noire is an urban fantasy/dystopian novel series I’ve been writing, but I’ve been keen to also leverage my skills as a designer to promote and expand the world beyond the pages of a book.

Jack Knife’s Doodle London is a project to visually portray the world I’m creating.

I have designed an expansive poster to detail a key location in the story. Below are some of the assets that make up the poster.

The Shelter

As a keen writer, I have taken several writing classes including one at Bristol’s wonderful Folkhouse, and have been a member of writing groups past and present, including one I organise myself called Keynsham Writers.

London and writing books

A collection of my London and writing books