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Keynsham Music Festival


Categories: branding / design / Illustration / motion graphics

Keynsham poster


I have started to work with several local clients including Keynsham Music Festival, one of the top free UK summer events in the UK. I animated their logo and I am working on expanding their brand and advertising through design and video.

Another project I am involved in is the rebranding of KTCR (Keynsham Town Community Radio), which was recently awarded a coveted full FM broadcast license for the Keynsham area. Full 24/7 broadcasting will commence within the next 18 months. Most of my ideas begin on paper and I generally take a quick snap of what I’ve drawn and then trace over it and add in detail using Illustrator. I intend to create a lively 3D version of this 2D representation using Cinema C4, with an animated version to follow.


Sketches and prototypes to kick off branding for “Keynsham Tickets”, a local ticket-booking website.